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    February 02, 2009



    Hey Miss Lady! I see you still haven't posted the new pics of me yet?! I'm gonna let it slide for now tho cause I know us libras! I'm loving the site tho! Look forward to viewing it some more in the future!
    Stay blessed luv!

    Kirigo Kabuga

    Hey Trin nice to hear from you. I have not yet forgotten you. You shall be in the next series of Spring ideas. Just you wait little mama.

    Much love

    Your Natural Hair Coach


    hi!!! i've got a friend from the middle east that want to lock his can he achieve this?

    Kirigo Kabuga

    Thank you for asking a great question Zaine.
    Is your friend trying to get it done professionally, or is he trying to do it himself?
    He probably can start locking if his hair is 6 inches and above.
    The initial lock process for non african hair types, requires specialized techniques.
    I strongly suggest your friend seeks a professional stylist to start the lock process.
    Then he can later on care for his own locks once they start maturing.
    Hope this helped you some, and if he is in the Maryland area he is well come to reach me by email.

    Wish you and your friend all the best on the locking journey.


    Your Natural Hair Coach

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